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Last One Out is a 4-part documentary series, a thrilling story of a psychedelic science renaissance told through the lens of heroes fighting for their lives in an over medicated and misdiagnosed America and the trailblazers shepherding in a new vision of mass mental health.

With stories of veterans as one part of the narrative, as well as America’s sports heroes, first responders, sexual assault survivors and the dying. 


Examining deeply into the developments and science of MDMA, psilocybin and Ibogaine

and explore how they can be used therapeutically to treat the invisible injuries that often fall under the broad PTSD umbrella, including traumatic brain injuries, as well as drug addiction.  


This is the exhilarating new battle in the ‘war on drugs’ being fought by prudent visionaries, scientists and academics forging an evolution in medicine-working to shift misconceptions, legitimatize research and bring their radical findings to a larger, still skeptical population.

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